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Dirty Bird Hiatus

Christmas season is upon us, the US just had Thanksgiving (and all the attendant family obligations), and I’m still drowning in dayjob. So, the Dirty Birds are taking a short break and will be back soon. Before Christmas, but we all need a bit of breathing space right now.

In the meantime, I received a coupon for half-off Scrivener, which I promptly put to use. 😀 I’m going to try to carve out a bit of time to see how it compares to Liquid Story Binder and report back here.

This is all assuming Boo will let me work. He’s discovered the delight of sitting on me, on my desk, and on my keyboard. Maybe I need to write a story about a werecat. I wonder if he would be embarrassed? Or smug?

Oh, and yes, I’ve officially un-won NaNo. It was a long shot from the start, but I’m glad I tried it. I will definitely sign up again next year, when hopefully things aren’t so insane. And I’m looking forward to finishing Kev ‘n Mo, and that enthusiasm is fun to feel again. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll try an un-NaNo of my own later on, after February, when I have reason to believe that things will have slowed down a bit.

I need to find a lucky dance to do. I just hope it’s not the same as the storm day dance–there’s nothing worse than a picking-up-speed lady dancing naked in front of the toilet holding a soup ladle. No one needs that image in their head. (I got this from someone who regularly caused storm days, she said it was by doing exactly that.) So if you have a good lucky dance that won’t make everyone reach for the brain-bleach, send it along!

Tuesday Tickle: Kev 'n Mo

Yep, still tanking NaNo. Really resenting the dayjob now. Fingers crossed we get a storm day on Thursday–not that I’ll have time to NaNo even if we do, but it’ll let me catch up on some of the dayjob stuff that’s hanging around my neck like a millstone.

Have I mentioned I’m not enjoying this job right now? Grrrr.

Anyway, here’s a small piece from the NaNo novel, which takes place just after Christmas break, until I change my mind about that. 😛 Mo proposed a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship to Kev, which Kev–of course–shut right down. Until the weekend after everyone gets back…

One busy week after he’d gotten back, Mo was having a lazy Saturday night watching videos and sipping on beer. Some of Todd’s Programming friends had dragged him out trolling for women and Mo had the room to himself.

Todd had invited him along, but Mo hadn’t felt like going out, though he couldn’t put a finger on why. Still, slightly-illegal beer and Monty Python made for a decent night.

Bzzzzzz. The vibration of his phone startled him away from a second go-round with the mosquito-hunting sketch. He picked it up with one hand while hitting pause with the other and checked the caller id.

Kev. Wonder what he wants? Mo thumbed open the message.

Were you serious the other day? About the you know what?

The you know what? That was funny. Kev needed to get over talking around the subject of sex if he was going to shrink people’s heads. Yes, he sent back.

Mo waited, his stomach knotting with anticipation. Time stretched, and he wondered if Kev had chickened out, or if he’d gotten called away for something. Then his phone buzzed again.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Fun, fun, fun! This is why I’m so cranky about work, which I normally love. But it’s not leaving me any time to spend with these two guys who make me laugh.

Maybe over Christmas…

Tuesday Tickle: The NaNo Story Part Deux

NaNo’s kind of a bust. I can’t even carve out a half hour to write most days, but I’m going to keep trying. Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of making Mo’s roommate blind, because it gives me a chance to troll a whole bunch of other characters. (Thank you, Tales from Tech Support, for the idea.)

This bit is more of a placeholder–I expect once I’ve put more thought into it, it’ll be a lot funnier. The scene where Todd pulls this on Mo is way better, but I’m still trying to figure out where in the timeline it needs to go, so it’s hanging out in my head for the time being.

“Hey, Mo!”

Mo paused, halfway through his door. “Hey, Joe, you looking for Todd?”

“Yeah, I want him to look at my program for class.”

“You seriously did not just say that.”

Joe grinned. “What? He says it all the time.”

Just then, the sound of Todd’s voice floated down the hall. “I’m not doing your work for you, Joe!” He was hanging off the left arm of the prettiest young woman Mo had ever seen. If she’d been a guy, Mo would have popped a boner right then and there and made a total fool of himself. Good thing he was gay.

Joe made an exasperated noise. “I just wanted you to look at something for me.”

Todd came to a halt beside them and swung his cane out from under his arm. “Dude, did you just as a blind guy to look at something for you? Are you really that insensitive?”

Joe turned red and threw a desperate look at Mo, until Todd cackled with laughter. “Pwned! Really, how many times do I have to do that to you before you stop falling for it?” He titled his head toward his escort. “Thanks, Denise. I got it from here.”

She pecked his cheek and waved before continuing on down the hall. Joe watched her go with a sad and hungry expression.

“You can borrow my cane, if you want. It’s a total chick magnet,” Todd said, and sailed around the corner into their room.

A Nano-ing I Shall Go

So, how’s NaNo going for you? Mine’s…eh, I dunno.

Admittedly, the fact that I’m getting any words done at all is pretty awesome right now. I’m working 12 hour days with two one-hour drives to and from work, so writing time is pretty limited. But I’m over the 10K hump and hope to hit 25K by the end of NaNo. Which should put me halfway to having a subbable (sp?) story in the New Year. I won’t win NaNo, but I kicked Writer’s Block’s ass. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Overall, I’m pleased with what I’ve gotten done. I like the characters, figured out the big plot turn at the end, figured out how it’s going to get fixed (sort of–Mo’s in charge of that) and have a couple of fun scenes planned, inspired both by my own college experience and some conversations with the other Dirty Birds. (Ana is well on her way to beating out The Editor in Question as a plot-bunny farm.) Dayjob is annoying me right now because its demands are far beyond my contract, but I’ll deal, because I like having a medical plan. 🙂

And it’s just nice to be writing again. Feel that rush. See the words piling up. I’ll have another Tickle next week from it. I’m having trouble deciding what to post. They’re a funny couple.

Nano Update

As I suspected, day job is doing it’s best to rob my words of their time in the limelight. However, I have managed about 6K, which isn’t up to the minimum, but I’m writing, eh? That’s pretty awesome.

So far, I’m just farting around the story figuring out a little more about my boys. I’m still not entirely sure of when Kev actually starts looking at Moe as a love interest, though I know it’s before Christmas. Moe figures out he likes Kev a lot sooner than my oblivious little psych student. (Yes, I do love irony. 🙂 )

Parent teacher interviews tonight, then more dayjob stuff, but I’m going to try to squeeze in another thousand words before I fall asleep in my chair. Thank God for coffee.

It's NaNo Time!

Now to gather some spare time (*falls down laughing*) and get my 1700 words in for the day.


I know, right?

My NaNo Novel

Here’s the link: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/oldbrasscat/novels/kev-n-mo

I’m already thinking the storyline is going to change a little bit from what I’ve got written, but I’m not sure. I’m still filling holes in the plot, and playing with ideas. Looking forward to November 1 when I can site down and start pumping out all these words rocketing around in my head. 🙂

Tuesday Untickle: The NaNo Prep Continues…


I’m a crap photographer. But this is my ‘planning’ for NaNo. I’m still up in the air about what I’m going to write, but it’s starting to look more and more like the biopunk, which is the two rows at the top. Top row is my 7 Point Plot Structure. Below, is all the stuff that gets the guys from one point to the next one.

Third row is an NA contemporary. Again, top row is the Plot Structure, bottom row (heh!) is the stuff in between. It’s much less filled out because I’m still percolating that one. But if it comes up okay before Oct 31, that’ll probably be it.

I’m glad NaNo starts on a Saturday this year. I’ll have two good days to get some wordage done, then back to the grindstone at work. Where I’ll have those hour-long drives to percolate the next part of the story. (Yay?)

I need to come up with a name for the NA, though. Not a clue what it should be called, and it’s being very mysterious and close-mouthed. Wanna bet it has at least three different names before I’m done with it?

Yeah, I wouldn’t bet against a sure thing either. 🙂

The great NaNo Experiment

I’ve been pretty burnt out lately. Words have been few and far between. Even revision, which I can normally do anyway when new words aren’t coming easily, has come to a complete standstill. It don’t know if I can really call it writer’s block–it’s not like the ideas aren’t there, or that I don’t know what I want to do. I just…don’t want to do it. Writer’s burn-out? Too much bad stuff over the past two years, for sure.
crest-bda7b7a6e1b57bb9fb8ce9772b8faafbSo, because logic apparently isn’t my strong suit, nothing else has worked and I’m desperate, I’ve signed up for NaNo this year. I have no idea if this will work or not. I have a half-dozen ideas to prep, to see which one I might be able to take to completion. It’s going to mean outlining, which will be a new skill for me, and one that is fraught with peril. I tend to lose interest in a story as if it’s already completed when I do an outline.

127866681To combat that, I bought a copy of a book called Outlining Your Novel by K.M. Weiland. I haven’t gotten too far into it, and so far she hasn’t actually talked about outlining, but what she has covered has been practical and good advice.

I’m thinking again about getting one of those giant pads of paper to do brainstorming on, so I can stand up and work on it with markers. Maybe even do the whole outline on it, and hang it on the wall so I can reference easily when I sit down to write.

It’s going to be fun scheduling this, too, since 1667 words a day is tough for me when I firing on all cylinders. I might have, at most 16 hours a week to do this in, which means being ready to go as soon as I sit down.

This won’t be easy–I’m under no illusion about that. The likelihood is that I will not ‘win’ NaNo, but since getting to that 50K isn’t really my goal, I’m okay with that. The point is to get writing again. I’m tired of staring at the screen and accomplishing nothing.

And I have hope. Once I signed up, I think a heard a few gears whirr into motion. My brain has started poking at ideas. That’s a good sign, right? 🙂