Tuesday Tickle: The NaNo Story Part Deux

NaNo’s kind of a bust. I can’t even carve out a half hour to write most days, but I’m going to keep trying. Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of making Mo’s roommate blind, because it gives me a chance to troll a whole bunch of other characters. (Thank you, Tales from Tech Support, for the idea.)

This bit is more of a placeholder–I expect once I’ve put more thought into it, it’ll be a lot funnier. The scene where Todd pulls this on Mo is way better, but I’m still trying to figure out where in the timeline it needs to go, so it’s hanging out in my head for the time being.

“Hey, Mo!”

Mo paused, halfway through his door. “Hey, Joe, you looking for Todd?”

“Yeah, I want him to look at my program for class.”

“You seriously did not just say that.”

Joe grinned. “What? He says it all the time.”

Just then, the sound of Todd’s voice floated down the hall. “I’m not doing your work for you, Joe!” He was hanging off the left arm of the prettiest young woman Mo had ever seen. If she’d been a guy, Mo would have popped a boner right then and there and made a total fool of himself. Good thing he was gay.

Joe made an exasperated noise. “I just wanted you to look at something for me.”

Todd came to a halt beside them and swung his cane out from under his arm. “Dude, did you just as a blind guy to look at something for you? Are you really that insensitive?”

Joe turned red and threw a desperate look at Mo, until Todd cackled with laughter. “Pwned! Really, how many times do I have to do that to you before you stop falling for it?” He titled his head toward his escort. “Thanks, Denise. I got it from here.”

She pecked his cheek and waved before continuing on down the hall. Joe watched her go with a sad and hungry expression.

“You can borrow my cane, if you want. It’s a total chick magnet,” Todd said, and sailed around the corner into their room.

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