The Lowest Difficulty Setting as Teaching Tool

Hubs and I had quite the conversation about this, this morning. Especially interesting, since he’s a white, heterosexual male and we live in the small community where he grew up. That’s not to say he enjoys all the privilege possible–he grew up quite poor, and the son of a European immigrant. But, he’s still got more than I do–a white, heterosexual female, who did not grow up in his small, somewhat hidebound community. Not that this means I can fully understand the experience of a black lesbian. It does mean that I can use my writer’s imagination to extrapolate to what that must be like, and probably only fall a couple of kilometres short of the real experience. My own opinion–I think everyone should have to go someplace, live somewhere, where their natural privilege doesn’t exist. We should all have that experience at least once in our lives. I think it would make us much less cruel, in the end. Anyway, read Scalzi’s blog, click on the link and read the story about the teaching exercise. In today’s gamer generation, it really makes sense.

Synopsis done, query mostly done, final draft waiting on a final readthrough to catch an dropped words or weird grammar. It’s almost done–hooray!

This is a drive-by blogging

I’m pretty sure the edits are done on Knight. I’m halfway through the synopsis and more than halfway to being bald. How on earth do you condense 95,000 words down to 1500? Without sounding like a moron? By the time I’m done cutting out every word I can think of, it’s going to sound like caveman grunts and worm farts. 😀 Yeah, I’m just that classy.

Sign of Spring’s been put on hold all weekend, while I worked through the last of my feedback on Knight and started working on the synopsis. I’m going to give Knight a break tomorrow, and give myself permission to ‘play’ with my poppy boys. (Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! No, wait, that’s where I live. Come back here!) Hope to get them into the flower garden tomorrow, plus I have to interview them again for the Threadhop. And work on their cover.

Anyone out there have any experience with cloning?

First half of Knight done. Please let it be good!

I’ve been head down all weekend, either getting the chores out of the way so I could go through the beta comments, or working on the beta. I’ve been through the first 11 chapters of Knight 3 times since 5 pm yesterday. Woo! Boy, I’m tired. I usually end up in tears at least once. This time was no exception. By this point in the process, I’m ready to be done and still miles to go before I sleep.

Never got a word written on the poppy boys this weekend. I’ve been playing around with a series of potential covers for the story. I found a perfect picture over on Shutterstock and now I’ve trying to figure out how to use it properly. Later on, before I submit the story to the MM Romance group, I think I’ll ask for some reader’s choice to help me choose the right cover version for it.

Here’s some hotness, just to keep you company. He’s a brazilian model and another potential candidate for the role of Ben.

Not getting much done today. :D

I’m trying to get some more words done on my poppy boys. But people keep sending me pictures of pretty young men.

Ben Wishaw - Ross3 Ben Wishaw, who is a pretty good likeness of my Ross.

Or this:
Flores, maybe Some dude on Shutterstock, who is reasonably like Ben.

And then there was the conversation about whether zombies could swim. Which led to the conversation about whether a lobster had enough brains to be zombified.

Yep. We’re weird.

Today is a good day

And I can say that honestly. I shipped the last half of Knight off to betas this morning. It’s not perfect and there are a few chapters that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve (mostly because they come at a part of the story where I’m already emotionally exhausted), but it’s pretty much in the shape it should be in going to the publisher. I have 23 days left to get it ready to send.

It’s a funny feeling, and those of you who write will probably recognize it. As you wind down to the submission date, a feeling of inevitability settles over you. You start recognizing the fact that this is what the story will be. That perfect image–the beautiful flow of words and emotions that existed before you first opened a file and named it–that’s been absorbed and reshaped within the reality that now faces you. And you have to accept that it will never be what it was in your head. Some of it will–there are some lovely stretches of emotion in Knight–but there are parts that I occasionally feel the urge to apologize to. Not because they’re bad, but because I feel like I failed them somehow and made them less than they could have been.

I hope to make it up to them, after a small break and with the invaluable help of my betas. In the meantime, I’ve gotten involved in the Goodreads MM Romance writing event: Love Has No Boundaries. If you’re a member of this group, here’s the link to my prompt: LINK . Aren’t they lovely? There’s a little except at the bottom of the thread. I can promise more hijinks as the month grows old, since a group of us has decided to have an informal ‘thread hop’ during the event. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when it starts and who’s in on it.