Tuesday Tickle: A Knight in Shining Kevlar

I’ve never introduced the bad guy in Knight. He makes my skin crawl and I have to go wash after I write scenes with him in them.

Ross came to an abrupt halt two houses up the street from his apartment. Michael was sitting on the step, a bunch of flowers in his hand—blue ones of course, always blue. No, this was supposed to be over! Ross felt an instant’s urge to turn and run but he was just a moment too slow, like a rabbit on the freeway trying to decide in which direction to bolt as the truck bore down on it. As soon as he saw Michael look up at him, with that look in his eyes, he knew it was too late—Ross was already in the headlights’ path. So when Michael stood up and started walking down the pathway, Ross took a deep breath, forced his legs to move and braced for the impact. At least he wasn’t drunk this time.

Not one of his creepiest moments, because I don’t want to send you screaming for the soap.

I’m tightening up the timeline right now and adding in some stuff so I don’t forget it. I went back to my first hand knowledge source last night for some more information on domestic violence by someone in a position of authority and realized there are some things I need to add in for that too. And cross your fingers for Ben–he’s meeting the family tonight. He should have worn the kevlar.

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