Really my bad, 'cause I can't seem to get 'off' vacation

hdwallpapers4desktop_com_wallpaper_under_the_sea_mermaid_swim_merman_fantasy_aqua-hd-wallpaper-280821So, yeah, I took a staycation from the blog on Friday. Although, it was probably a good thing for the mental health of everyone around me, since I was in such a foul mood.

See, I went on a bird watching boat tour on Wednesday, which was pretty cool, and I left with the awesome door prize of a merman plot bunny, which will be written–as soon as the two dozen other bunnies standing not-so-patiently in line are done. But I assure you it’s mega-cool, in an urban fantasy, 2nd world sort of way.

But, that was pretty much the best part about it. Seeing the bald eagles was awesome (about 3 dozen of them–crazy!), the razorbills, the puffins, the cormorants and all the different seagulls. And the seals, which were as bold as brass. Unfortunately, the guy running the tour was such an annoying little dipshit that, if there was some way to get off the tour in the middle, I would have done it. If I wanted to pretend I was kindergartener, I’d be at a fetish club, thank you. I don’t need someone singsonging information to me. Hell, I don’t talk to my two year old nephew like that–is it really appropriate for a group of 20 adults?

Then, the next day I drove home, which involved about 6 hours in the car. Which isn’t normally a bother, except this summer has been the summer of misogyny on the internet and I think it’s made me oversensitive. After all, if I, as a vertically-challenged woman, choose not to pick up the make hitchhiker (who I do not know, and is taller than me by about a foot and probably outweighs me by at least 60 lbs), of course I should expect to get the finger and a shouted ‘Cunt!’. Because, after all, I should be able to read his mind and know that he’s all about fluffy adorable kittens and helping old ladies across the street.

Even though I’m on a road in the middle of nowhere, with my 12 year old in the car, and I’ve never seen him before. I mean, after all, he knows he’s harmless, so doesn’t it make sense that I should know it too? Isn’t it obvious? Or am I just stupid, or ignorant?

I think the mood hasn’t quite worn off.

On a brighter note, line edits for Bite Me Tender have gone back. I added more words (again!) and I’m eagerly awaiting the advent of my cover. The Christmas short has gone off to Dreamspinner, I’m working on another Christmas novella for Loose Id, slightly stuck on Je Veux… (but getting there), and biting my fingernails to the quick over Knight. Enough to keep ya busy. I put 1000 words on a short for another Dreamspinner anthology, and I’m toying with the idea of breaking out Furface again, but probably not right away.

Anyway, that’s the news for this week. I’ll be back on Tuesday with another Tickle, though darned if I know which one I’ll put up. Oh, and I should hear back soon on when my free MM Romance group story from Goodreads will be available.

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