It was only a matter of time…





I knew, someday, I would turn on the computer and see something like this (click on the picture to see where you can buy this).

But it’s ok, really, because then I found this:


I mean, who doesn’t want Bill Murray on their wall in full Napoleonic gear? (I think it’s Napoleonic–anyone care to correct me?)


And, the name of the website? . Best. Name. Ever.



And WOOT! Wrote over 2000 words today and finished the rough draft of Nuts About You! The rest went on Knight (and you have no idea how big a relief that was–I was dreading this scene, because I had no idea how it was going to turn out. Phew!) I’ll update the progress bar in a bit.

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  1. OhmygoshIwantit! Love. Bill. Murray. 😀

  2. They have Eddie Murphy too and a bunch of other totally awesome people. I could so spend money at that place!

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