#RainbowSnippets: Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

Rainbow Snippets is a group of authors who get together every Saturday to post a 6 line snippet from a work in progress, or a work that’s already been published. There’s tons of fun reading every week, so check them out here!

Last week I introduced the red panda twins, who were named after Devon Hunter. (This is important information for the blog tour and giveaway starting Thursday. Hint, hint) This week I’m introducing Alice and Rudy, the pygmy fainting goat kids. (Mom’s a pygmy goat, Dad’s a fainting goat. It was my daughter’s idea.) This snippet happens shortly after the “Protect the burgers!” of last week. 😀

Alice, dodging a sneak attack by Hunter from under the table, ran straight into the back of Vince’s knees. “Hey!” he yelled, and made a grab for her with his free arm, but she hopped merrily over it and kept running. With a happy bleat, she scrambled between the two men and ran into the undergrowth.

Her brother raced after her, until Devon popped out from behind a small tree, paws spread wide and trills of excitement filling the air. Rudy jumped sideways, then stiffened and fell over.

Alice popped out of the bushes. Her bleats sounded like a laugh as she jumped over him, headed for the picnic table.

As a bonus, here’s a video of some baby fainting goats (no fainting though)

And they have a couple of live webcams, or goatcams, where you can watch the goats do what goats do. (Link is found on the YouTube page.)

Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

Nutty Romances 2

Nathan's met Vince's family, but Vince hasn't met Nathan's, and Nathan would like to keep it that way. Holy smoked almonds, what else do you do when you know how completely nuts your relatives are?

Why, you ease your man into it, by introducing him to normal shifters. Assuming you can find any.

But with a gossipy werehummingbird spreading the news, and a pair of young red pandas wreaking havoc with their fainting goat friends, Nathan’s about ready to climb into a pine cone and pull it in after him.

Then the local playboy weremoose hears about Vince, and Nathan has to find his inner alpha or the consequences will be worse than moldy hazelnuts.

16 responses to “#RainbowSnippets: Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

  1. This continues to be so much fun. (also love goats)

    • Thank you. I don’t imagine their parents get much peace. They don’t get any better behaved the rest of the book. 🙂

  2. My Capricorn heart loves your goats. Great ideas for shifters and every next snippet is funnier than the previous 🙂

  3. This was fun, I can almost hear Alice laughing.

    • Oh, she’s bad. Rudy is actually the better behaved of the two, though it’s only by a smidgen. And probably only because Alice tends to get there first.

  4. I can’t wait to read the whole thing. I’ve been having so much fun with the snippets! I think they need to find a more secluded spot for their next picnic, though…

    • Seriously, right? Poor Nathan. It’s like the world is out to deny him his rights as the alpha squirrel in that relationship.

  5. There’s so much going on here. Sounds like a nightmare date.

    • Lol, it is, kind of. Of course, when Vince took Nathan home to meet his family, the cat figured out something was up. So nightmare goes both ways. 😀

  6. Oh, poor Vince, caught up in all this chaos 🙂

    • I know. The funny thing is, I think he likes playing benevolent uncle. And he’s determined to fit in. It’s a little hard to see, because everything is told from Nathan’s point of view, but Vince thinks being able to turn into a squirrel is way cooler than being a massage therapist. 🙂

  7. Love the snippet, the video was cute, and the video you tube showed after it was hilarious. Fainting goats are amazing. You have SUCH a rich and diverse cast of characters.

    • Thank you. Working on more fun too. Poor Charlie–it’s like that scene from Bambi, where the boys get twitterpated.

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