Alpha Squirrel is a Bestseller!

aRe 36 Less than a day after going on pre-order, Alpha Squirrel has hit All Romance Ebooks Bestseller list. Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered! You’ve really made my day. My beta readers tell me you won’t be disappointed; I’m a little too close to it still to have any opinion on the relative merits of the story. For those who thought the first one was short on world-building, though, this one makes up for it. 🙂

Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

Nutty Romances 2

Nathan's afraid to introduce Vince to other shifters. After all, who wouldn't want to steal good-enough-to-lick-all-over Vince? But Fate--and boyfriends--have a way of cracking all your best laid plans.

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