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It’s almost a week since Flesh Market came out. I thought I’d toss out a tidbit of the sequel, tentatively titled Proud Flesh. Leo’s hunting apartments for Julian, and he thinks he’s found the perfect one. Julian’s still in Kansas City, so this is all taking place by video call.

“Bedroom or bathroom?”

“Bathroom first. Save the best for last.”

Leo laughed and headed for the bathroom. “How’d you get along with the prosecutor’s office?”

“Fine. It was all the same stuff. They really wanted to go into detail.”

“They always do.” Leo paused and turned the camera back to himself. “How was it?”

He saw Julian’s jaw working and knew that what came after was going to be a lie. “It was fine.”

It hadn’t been. Julian still denied it was rape, and that denial fueled a rage that was going to get him bounced out of the FBI if he didn’t deal with it soon. There was nothing Leo could do about it, though, so he simply nodded, defusing Julian’s incipient explosion, and continued the tour. He crossed the short hallway and turned into the bathroom, spinning the phone to point at the tub as he did so.

Dead silence, then Julian’s voice breathed out of the tiny speaker, low and needy. “Oh, the things I could do to you in that tub.”

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