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Conversations with my Editor

It’s no secret to anyone who’s known me any length of time–I love to tease my editor at Loose Id. Today, because I was bored and restless and itchy because I can’t take meds before my lung function test tomorrow, I sent her this:

Me: Hee hee. If Julian was real, he’d so kill me:

There was a new layer of muscle on his back and, when Leo explored farther, his ass too.

“How much time do you spend at the gym?”

Julian paused in his ravaging of Leo’s body. “Shut up. It’s not like this job doesn’t need it.” He nibbled his way down Leo’s jaw, pushing Leo’s head back with the pressure, then licked a tickling, arousing line down his neck. “Just think what that muscle can do for you tonight.”

“Fuck,” Leo whispered, and Julian laughed.

“Damn right.” But he was no more immune to the heat between them than Leo was. He arched and rubbed himself against Leo, panting in his ear, and the motion seemed as involuntary as the low groan that shivered against Leo’s skin. “Unph,” he muttered, and grabbed the side of Leo’s ass. His breath shuddered out of him. “No, I’m supposed to go slow. It’s Valentine’s.” He growled and buried his face in Leo’s chest. “This was supposed to be romantic.”

Slow would have been nice, but Julian wasn’t even twenty-five yet. Leo doubted he was capable of slow, not until the edge was taken off. “You brought flowers and wine and fancy chocolate. I’d say we’ve covered the romance part of it. To hell with slow. We’ve got all night, if you want to do slow later.”


“Yeah.” And to prove his point, Leo rolled over on top of Julian and kissed him like he was still twenty, and not looking forty square in the eye.

Some possible pronoun confusion there, but poor Leo.

And what I got back from her:
DUDE! … Omg, why don’t they stock emergency makeout boys in (nameless coffee shop where she likes to hang out and tease the boys)? Fucking toppy Julian. Omg, fucking take-me-baby Leo. Omg.
So, yeah. I think I pushed some buttons there. 😀

But you’re all gonna hate me for what I’m doing to Dave. #sorry #notsorry

Another Review of Flesh Market 4 stars from Joyfully Jay

“I think that when this series is all said and done, it has the makings for being something stellar – ”

Read the rest here


Human trafficking and organs for sale. An FBI agent and an inexperienced intern. Only days to save untold numbers of enslaved teenagers.

Flesh Market New Review 4.5 stars!

“I love this story. I loved Julian and Leo. They go through so much while they’re undercover. They make some tough decisions and my heart hurts for Julian and what happened to him. I so didn’t think they were going to make it through at times. Right at the end of the operation I thought Julian was done for sure!” –Molly Lolly

Read the whole thing here.

Flesh Market

Bodies and Souls 1

Human trafficking and organs for sale. An FBI agent and an inexperienced intern. Only days to save untold numbers of enslaved teenagers.

Flesh Market is at #32 at ARe now!

Woohoo! You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m so excited. THANK YOU!!!

FM at 32

Still on sale, too, if you’re tempted. 😀 (I know, shilling again. 😛 )

Flesh Market

Bodies and Souls 1

Human trafficking and organs for sale. An FBI agent and an inexperienced intern. Only days to save untold numbers of enslaved teenagers.

#MANLOVESUNDAY Blog Hop — Proud Flesh

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It’s almost a week since Flesh Market came out. I thought I’d toss out a tidbit of the sequel, tentatively titled Proud Flesh. Leo’s hunting apartments for Julian, and he thinks he’s found the perfect one. Julian’s still in Kansas City, so this is all taking place by video call.

“Bedroom or bathroom?”

“Bathroom first. Save the best for last.”

Leo laughed and headed for the bathroom. “How’d you get along with the prosecutor’s office?”

“Fine. It was all the same stuff. They really wanted to go into detail.”

“They always do.” Leo paused and turned the camera back to himself. “How was it?”

He saw Julian’s jaw working and knew that what came after was going to be a lie. “It was fine.”

It hadn’t been. Julian still denied it was rape, and that denial fueled a rage that was going to get him bounced out of the FBI if he didn’t deal with it soon. There was nothing Leo could do about it, though, so he simply nodded, defusing Julian’s incipient explosion, and continued the tour. He crossed the short hallway and turned into the bathroom, spinning the phone to point at the tub as he did so.

Dead silence, then Julian’s voice breathed out of the tiny speaker, low and needy. “Oh, the things I could do to you in that tub.”

Woohoo! Flesh Market is #49 on ARe’s Best Seller List!

FM ARe overall best sellers

Thank you, everyone! Wow, I wasn’t expecting this. *happy dance*

Tune in to tomorrow’s blog hop for a few lines from the sequel to Flesh Market, tentatively called Proud Flesh.

If you want to check out Flesh Market, the links are

All Romance Best Seller–Thank You!

OMG, I’m so excited about this. I wish I was all cool and “Oh, yeah, well…” but I can’t be. After two years of not really putting anything out, this one scared me more than my first one did. So thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!! To everyone who bought the book. Massive amounts of virtual hugs and kisses to you all. (Unless you’re not into that, in which case–CAKE!!! Lots and lots of virtual cake. 🙂 )

All romance best selling

Flesh Market is here!

And luckily I have class today, and an assignment to finish, so I absolutely don’t have time to keep hitting refresh. Nope. Not a bit. *click, click*

In completely other news, I’m working on the sequel to Flesh Market, and the sequel to Bite Me Tender. Hopefully within the year for both of them.

Saturday Blog Hop–Flesh Market #manlovesaturday

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And my contribution to this week’s blog hop, coming from Flesh Market, which goes on sale on Tuesday!. Leo’s deep undercover, and the bureau has snuck someone in to really check on them. And, to keep Julian from being sold to a customer. (Yes, Mauer will come back later. He’s too awesome not to. Some day, I’ll tell you the story of how he met his husband. And convinced his wife to let him keep him.

It’s complicated.)

DeGraff plucked the invitation from Leo’s hand and peered at it, rubbing the paper between his fingers. “Dowe, hmm? What did he say was keeping him busy?”

Mauer waved a hand in the air. “Some legal thing. I really didn’t pay attention to the details after he told me about the splendid parties you boys throw. And when he told me you’d obtained some previously untouched merchandise, well.” He leered and spread his hands. “I could hardly say no, now could I?” His accent was Boston snob with a hint of Louisiana redneck. “Now, if you’re uncertain, you can call Dowe, of course. Not that I think he’ll be able to answer. I believe he’s had to leave the country for a…sabbatical of sorts. Or”—he patted the middle of Leo’s chest—“you can have this delightful gentleman keep a very close eye on me for the duration.” He winked at Leo. “You didn’t think I remembered you, did you, Dale darling? How could I forget a man who refuses to come work for me?”

Leo frowned at him. What the hell was Mauer playing at? Damn the lack of communication in this operation. He was still trying to get his mind around the change in Mauer’s appearance. The man he’d worked with had been tough, one step above thug on the evolutionary scale. He could have joined any gang in any big city in the U.S. and not been looked at twice. Leo wondered what it had taken to get him to put on this character.

Because where Mauer himself was the antithesis of flaming, this character could set a house on fire just by walking past it.

Mauer watched him expectantly, humor warring with tension in his face.

Fuck it. Go with the flow. “You still have Meshkova working for you?”

Mauer’s smile widened. “He’s down in the car. Don’t tell me you two are still at war?” He turned a conspiratorial grin on DeGraff. “Dale here tried to arrest Henry once upon a time, when he was on the other side of the fence. And he’s such a stubborn man that he just can’t forgive Henry for refusing to let Dale put cuffs on him.” He threw a sly look Leo’s way. “I’d let you cuff me. Under the right circumstances.”

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