Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me

Oops! Sorry, I’ve been sitting here, doing some editing, and delighting my tastebuds with some Knappoque Castle whiskey. The good news is that I’m sending off the first installment of The Color Club to the fundraising anthology.

I’m a bit conflicted–serials are all the rage now, and this setup really lends itself well to a serial that I could easily put out every two months for–I don’t know how long.

At the same time, serials are all the rage now, and it could boost the 2014 AW Erotica Anthology sales.

Decisions, decisions. I did make a commitment, though, so off it goes to the judges. And off I go to work on the second installment, The North Pole.

Anyway, here’s another peek at Glyn and Levi, at a more settled point in their relationship:

When Levi showed up forty-five minutes later, Glyn had everything arranged. “Go have a shower. A quick one. And shave.”

Levi ran a hand over his jaw, the callouses on his palm rasping over a couple days worth of stubble. “Thought you liked it.”

“Not where we’re going. You have fifteen minutes.”

“Fuck, you’re bossy.” But he was moving toward the master bedroom even as he complained.

“That’s because I’m the boss.” Glyn sneered at the wolf, which curled a lip at him, then pointedly turned its back and started licking its balls.

Classy, wolf. What was he doing, fighting with a non-corporeal animal? The damn thing drove him crazy. It was like having a little brother—an incredibly annoying brother that you couldn’t drown, or lose, or fire out the window of a cab while doing sixty on the Interstate.

All hail the King of Snark. Glyn probably would have made an annoying little brother himself. 🙂

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