I'm writing about werewolves, and people keep sending me squirrels

1016418_764310766931721_689618277_nAlthough, I have to say, this one I totally agree with. It’s not so much that it’s cold (but it is!), it’s that the temperature keeps bouncing up and down from above freezing to “holy shit, I think the lava just froze!”. I do worry about the wild animals, as this kind of weather is really hard on them–they get wet during the warm weather and all the insulating snow disappears, then the temperature drops twenty or twenty-five degrees. I’m guessing we see a lot of skinny foxes and a lot fewer birds and small animals this summer. I’ve been setting feed out, but that only goes so far.

The werewolves are coming along nicely, or not nicely, depending on your point of view. There’s certainly some nasty psychological stuff going on, and I need to chat with someone with more skillz than I have to find out how I might do this certain thing I think I should do. My characters always seem to be conflicted, and they often come down just barely over the line into good-guy territory.

Wonder what that says about me?

Anyway, the progress meter is creeping up, and so is my daily word count. Hopefully, the trend continues. I have a lot of stories waiting for some love and some of them are getting impatient.

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