Had to pass this along–some people have more money than…well, I don't know

Woman in New Orleans looking for a Robb Stark look alike to break in her replica of the Iron Throne

Okay, so it sounds interestingly kinky, but it also sounds like something a bit more appropriate for FetLife than Craigslist. Still, more power to ya, sweetheart, if you can get one. ‘Cause it gives me hope for my harem fantasy. 😀

Don’t forget to check out my Goodreads link. I’ll have the snippet posted by 5 pm. AST, which is 4 pm, EST. I need the time to decide what I want to post–there’s so many possibilities! Do I go sexy again, or get into some of the other regions of the story? I’ve done a sexy snippet already. Maybe a bit of conflict? Decisions, decisions.

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