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Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Tender–Let's meet Glyn's grandmother!

First off, I’m going to give you a link to a blog that made me snarf my coffee this morning. Pucker Up Buttercup. My computer is still recovering from the caffeine spike. Thank you, ma’am, for making my day! Not only that, but when I opened up the page to get the link so I could put it in here, I swallowed some of my ever so healthy salmon and rice supper the wrong way. Now I’m sitting in front of the computer eating ice cream and recovering from my near brush with death. So, when I gain ten pounds, it’s all gonna be her fault.

For today’s Tuesday Tickle, we’re going back to the werewolves. This little bit comes from the second chapter. Glyn’s grandmother, who is a full blooded witch, comes to visit, because she’s worried about Glyn. Unfortunately, Gram usually causes as much stress as whatever situation she thinks she’s helping with… (By the way, Glyn has some OCD tendencies, from issues around his diluted witchblood.)

“Hi, Gram.” He kissed her cheek and pulled out a chair for her, which she ignored in favor of wandering around his kitchen.

“Hello, Glynnie. I see nothing’s changed here.” She rearranged the canisters on the counter and, while Glyn was putting them back in order by size, she reorganized his set of chef’s knives on their magnetic strip, leaving some pointing up and some down, the small ones mixed up with the large.

Glyn followed behind her, setting everything back in it’s place and trying to ignore the gleam of amusement in her eyes. She knew what she was doing. But witches were witches and buttons, real or psychological, existed to be pushed, regardless of the aftermath. Chaos suited them.

Lady, why had he thought this was a good idea? Less than three minutes and he could already feel his own brand of witch-crazy raising its ugly head and sniffing the air. At this rate, Levi would come home to find him in his birthday suit, painting runes on the walls and singing children’s songs in three different languages while Gram played the bongos and made the furniture dance. Levi hadn’t left him the first time it happened, but he wasn’t sure he had enough credit left in that account for a repeat performance.

She near drove me into the Butterscotch Palace, trying to write her. Hard to keep control of a character that’s supposed to be subtle and chaotic–she even hid things from me! But it was an entertaining experience and she ended up adding a lot to the story. I’m glad she poked her nose in. But I still have no plans to invite her for tea.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Velvet Panic and MC Hana, for their VIB award posts! Keep an eye here, as well, as I’ll be doing another Loosey Goosey Review during one of the next few posts, on Erin Lark’s upcoming BDSM romance, Stray.

Don’t forget to pat the cat!


Tuesday Tickle: A Knight in Shining Kevlar

ROFL, my horoscope for today: You’re able to complete outstanding tasks that require your undivided attention, the expert way you’re able to achieve results impresses others, inspiring you to tackle new interesting ideas that turn up. Opportunities arise for you to make collaborative plans and a concerted effort to progress further, whilst utilizing the degree of proficiency expected of you.

Sounds like a plot bunny alert if I every heard one. Makes me a bit nervous of what the rest of the day holds–I’ve already been muckled onto by a few of the rabid little beasts.

I’m still a little Gollum-like about my header and I thought I’d pass along a link to another blog with an Erin Lark header. Anna Zabo writes paranormal MM erotic romance. Her first book, Close Quarter, is published by Loose Id.

Today’s Tuesday Tickle comes from a contemporary MM erotic romance/suspense story, set in the fictional city of Hillsboro. (Gotta love random name generators.) Ross is a high school teacher, on a field trip to the local police academy. Ben is a detective and member of S.W.A.T., currently on medical leave after being shot, and is teaching at the police academy to avoid losing his mind due to boredom.

This scene is a prime example of when the more southern head sneaks out and takes control while the northern head is still trying to figure out how to deal with the situation. Ben asks for a volunteer to try out a simple throw and the students convince Ross to try it out (because nothing makes students happier than seeing their teacher ‘tied in knots’, as Ross would say.)

“I don’t think we’ve really been introduced. I’m Ross.” Ross held out his hand to shake. Ben took it in his and, for an instant, it seemed as if the whole world had narrowed down to that point of contact between them. Glancing up to check out Ross’ expression, he thought he saw the same shock on the other man’s face. Quickly, he broke the contact and gestured towards the center of the mats.

Once there, Ben asked Ross to lie down. It was obvious that he’d never taken any martial arts because, while he dropped to the mat with the ease of youth, he didn’t have Ben’s practiced coordination. Ben stood back for a moment and considered his next moves.

“Okay, so what do I do?” Ross asked, looking up at him. Ben could hardly stand to look. Ross looked like a wet dream come to life, lying there with his legs bent and splayed, brown hair spread out on the mat around his head. Ben’s thoughts started running in circles, substituting a variety of settings for the mat and the suddenly-too-crowded-for-his-taste gym.

Yep, this was a smart idea, Flores. Pretty obvious which head is doing the thinking today. Was he turning into a complete idiot, all for the sake of cocoa colored hair and caribbean eyes? Damn!

Ben licked his lips nervously, watching as Ross’ eyes dropped to Ben’s mouth and he copied the movement of Ben’s tongue. Did he even realize he was doing it? Maybe not; his eyes had that same slightly dazed look that Ben was sure his own had.

Oh, this was such a bad idea. He’d bet it was exactly what a moth felt like flying around a bright light. You didn’t know if it was a flame or just something shiny, but it was so damn pretty, you really didn’t care.

Just a quick introduction to the guys and still pretty much a first draft. Hope you enjoyed it! Friday night’s post is my contribution to The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, where I’m going to talk a bit more about Bite Me Tender and the characters (and I do mean characters–like the crazy ones that show up at family reunions!).

Have a great week!