Nathan Made It Home!

I got pictures today of our pseudo-Nathan, wearing his bandana, and making friends in his new home.

20160131_173607Here he is, checking out the locals. This one looks like just about the right size to hang around with. And she’s a reader too, which I’m sure Nathan appreciates.

20160131_173739Then there are other locals, who are rather intimidatingly large. (And, lets face it–Nathan gets nervous around carnivores.) Luckily, Stormy doesn’t appear too interested in a fluffy brown squirrel.

20160131_173901We probably shouldn’t say that he minds all carnivores, since he doesn’t seem to bothered by this one. Maybe Mischief just gives off that laidback vibe.

Many thanks to Debra and her daughter for the pictures of Nathan in his new home!

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