#RainbowSnippets: Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

In my last couple of snippets, we met cute, fluffy, nut-obsessed Nathan, and his hot-as-roasted-chestnuts love interest Vince. This snippet comes from the beginning of the sequel, Rise of the Alpha Squirrel. If you’ve read Nuts About You, you know that at the beginning of Alpha Squirrel, Nathan sneaks into Vince’s home and plays a silly squirrely trick on him, and gets caught.

And then Vince commits a terrible crime–he calls Nathan…Nutsy. *gasps of horror*

And Nathan’s going to make him pay.

I’m aiming for a February 21 (or probably the 18th, because I have classes all day Thursday and it keeps me from obsessively clicking reload on the browser) release date for Alpha Squirrel, but you can see the cover now. 🙂

He didn’t go far—just out into the yard and up the post of the new birdfeeder seated conveniently outside the kitchen window. Good thing this Nutsy obsession was Vince’s only bad quality, or Nathan might have been tempted to go home. But with Vince, there was a lot more in the ‘good nuts’ pile than the ‘bad nuts’ one, so he stayed.

Didn’t mean he had to be all happy and cheerful though. Disgruntled, he fished out a fat black and gray sunflower seed and gnawed the shell open as he waited.

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36 responses to “#RainbowSnippets: Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

  1. Nutsy, I love it! I can’t wait to read this.

  2. Soooon… 😀

  3. Love those squirrel shifters! 😀

  4. I love the title, and the snippet. Alpha Squirrel! FTW!

    • If wolves can have alphas, why can’t squirrels? Which reminds me–next week, I should really post Nathan’s opinion of werewolves.

  5. Alpha squirrel. My brain is still struggling to comprehend this. It’s great to see something I’ve literally never seen before!

  6. You’re going to accomplish the impossible and make me like squirrels, aren’t you? So cute. I may soon be eyeing the squirrels in my backyard differently.

  7. I love that squirrely dude

  8. You’re cracking me up as Nathan would a yummy looking peanut 🙂 It’s nice to know there not only growling big wolf and tiger and etc alphas everywhere but also cute Nutsy alphas!

    P.S I just ate sunflower seeds, too 😉

  9. This is so darned cute. I love the idea of squirrel shifters.

  10. Rise of the Alpha Squirrel has to be one of the best titles i’ve ever seen. *lol*

  11. I want to know what kind of trick he played on Vince.

  12. LOL! Great title, and the idea of a vengeful squirrel – priceless 🙂

  13. I love the way he sulks. Vince will need to watch his back, clearly XD

  14. I love the idea of the good/bad nuts pile.

  15. Go Nutsy, er, I mean Nathan!

  16. Sulking and stress eating perhaps? I think Vince might be in trouble.

  17. This series is so darn cute! Love that he thinks he’s full of good nuts. 🙂

  18. I wish all annoyance could be solved with a sunflower seed 🙂

  19. I love your squirrels– they have so much personality.

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