#Rainbow Snippets : Nuts About You

Nuts About You is a novelette of mine, coming out on January 7. It’s the story of Nathan the weresquirrel, his crush on one of the customers at the Bulk Mart that Nathan works in, and the Night Of The Fateful Shoe. 🙂 This excerpt comes from a chapter titled “The Watcher in the Bird Feeder”; It’s safe for work.

Next week’s won’t be. 😀

squirrel cover

Nathan hung off the side of the bird feeder, one paw hooked through the wire mesh holding a suet cake in place, the other grasping a sunflower seed that he nibbled absently as he stared through the window. He’d managed to stay away from Vince’s feeders for two whole days before the need to see the man again got the better of him. So he’d changed his shape and scooted out through the cat door in the back porch, then run the whole two miles cross-country to Vince’s home.

When he arrived, he skittered up the old oak tree that took pride of place in the big yard behind the house. Its branches spread almost thirty feet wide, and Nathan could look in every window in the building just by moving from branch to branch. But this bird feeder was, bar none, the best place to watch Vince in the big stand-up shower.

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18 responses to “#Rainbow Snippets : Nuts About You

  1. Aww, cute! Dying to know what happens if/when Vince finds out who he is.

  2. Oh, really like this!

    • Thank you! I really like him too. I’m working on the sequel today–hoping for a February release. We’ll see when the editor can slot me in.

  3. A voyeuristic were-squirrel. I love it! (I will, however, never look at a squirrel the same way again.)

  4. Brilliant. This is deliciously comic–I love the sunflower seed.

    • Being a squirrel, he’s rather obsessed with nuts and seeds. It’s why he works at the Bulk Mart, you see. He’s an expert on them.

  5. Love the lecherous squirrel! 🙂

  6. What a lovely snippet! This sounds like such a cute and yummy story.

  7. That is so cute.

  8. A lovely, clever snippet – and I love the title 🙂

  9. Such fun! Good luck with release day. 🙂

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