On The Second Day of Squirrelmas, My True Love Gave to Me

A story of heartwarming kindness.

It’s the story of Mittens the squirrel. He was found at the side of the road, possibly the victim of a hit-and-run. He has some brain damage, and probably wouldn’t have made it, except for the kindness and care of Chris and his wife, who took Mittens in and have been looking after him. They fed him with a syringe, and got medicine for him from a local wildlife rehabilitator. Six days after taking him home, he was walking–although with difficulty–and eating, but he still needed help to drink.

Now he lives in the couple’s Christmas tree.

Original Buzzfeed Article
Original Reddit thread (yes, there’s a reddit forum for squirrels)

I grabbed this picture from the Buzzfeed article:
So that’s Mittens.

And there’s your Squirrelmas heartwarming story. I’m sure these are the kind of tales told around the Christmas tree in squirrel families. 🙂

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