And The Battle Royale is On!

Piper Trace and I are going head to head  in the Sex Scene Championship! Today’s excerpts come from Piper’s ménage Come When Called, while I sent Jaime and Henry from Lead Me to You out to do battle on my behalf.

Sex-Scene-Banner-copy Please follow the link, read the excerpts, and vote for whichever scene you think is sexier. (We were given a wordcount range of 500 to 1000 words, so unfortunately, you won’t get the whole scene, but there’s plenty of smexy goodness in the contest if you want to click through the pages. :D) And if you like Jaime and Henry, their story is only 99 cents right now at all outlets.

Lead Me to You

Holding Hands

Who takes their claustrophobic boyfriend spelunking for his birthday? Henry's boyfriend Jaime, that's who.

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