Getting Out of Kindle Unlimited

I put Lead Me to You into Kindle Unlimited just before the big announcement that they were changing the way authors were paid through it. I can’t say I wasn’t looking forward to the dollar-and-a-bit payout for each 550 words that were read, but mostly it was an experiment–my first attempt at self-publishing something.

But with the pages read system–and I’m fully in support of it, because you should be paid more if you write more–shorts don’t work as well. It takes as much of an investment of time and money to help someone find a novel as a short story, but the payout if they read the whole novel is many times higher. If I dedicate an hour and $30 to promoting a story, and get five reads, the short story doesn’t come anywhere near paying back my investment.

So, I’ve pulled Lead Me to You out of Select and KU, and am going wide with it. It’s now available at Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, iBooks and Kobo (plus a few of the subscription places, like Oyster and Scribd). The links show up under the cover image, in the side bar, and on the series page. (Do I ever love this plugin. Change the info in one spot, it’s fixed everywhere. *happy dance*)

So, if you’d like a happy, funny read that celebrates the right of everyone to marry, please click a link and give it a try. It’s only $.99, and the first chapter of the next book is included at the end. 🙂

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