And I Did It!

Though you can’t see it yet. And my wordcount has suffered tremendously the past couple of days.

I uploaded my romantic short to Amazon.


It’s called Lead Me To You–I threw up a preliminary cover  a week or so ago. The new cover looks like this:

Lead Me To You low res Not much different, just a little blue tinge around the edges so it doesn’t blend completely into a white background (thanks to Ana J Phoenix 🙂 )

The lovely Sasha Knight edited it and called it “sweet, sexy, and cute”. *happy dance*

It’s very short–only 5K. I’ve priced it at $1.49 and it should be available for pre-order tomorrow.  If you have Kindle Unlimited, it will be in there too.

Actual release date isn’t until the 20th, because I’m a chicken and apparently a masochist. I really wanted that week to just chew my nails off and pace around the house muttering crazily. Not like I can keep tweaking it and tweaking it until the minute it goes live. 😛

On a side note, if you’re looking at self-pubbing, don’t go for the lowest price package. I was originally looking at that, then Sasha talked me into the next step up. Half a cent more per word, 100% better. It’s worth the cost.

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