Tuesday Tickle (on a Wednesday): Five Alarm Blaze

Just call me Britney (of the Oops, I Did It Again fame). Boy, do I need a vacation. (Not from writing or Tuesday Tickles, just from everything else. A week on the beach with the cabana boy would be nice. 🙂 )

A little more from the calendar shoot. I’m still mucking around with how Seth is posed, but I kind of like this one. (I’m still hemming and hawing about the choice to use the word ‘fruity’, too.) I’m also just realizing how many s sounds there are in that first sentence. *makes note to self* Oh, and a repeated word… *blushes* Wow, there’s a lot to fix in this. 😛

The way they’d set up the rigs, he could see where they’d set the stretcher out in the sunshine. Seth sat on the mattress and swung his legs up. The photographer handed him a pair of black Blues Brothers sunglasses and a tropical looking drink in a martini glass, an umbrella hanging drunkenly off one side. Seth laughed, put on the sunglasses and leaned back on the stretcher with one hand behind his head. It made the muscles in his arm stand out and, when the photographer had arranged his other arm the way he wanted it, fruity-looking drink held casually between Seth’s fingers, the paramedic looked like sex on a stretcher.

And Cody’s fingers itched to touch.

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