Tuesday Tickle: Kev 'n Mo

A trip down memory lane, to those halcyon days of the first week of university…

“Hi—oh.” Kev grinned, and tried to hide it by cupping his chin in his hand with his fingers over his mouth. “Frosh Night was a little too much for him?”

“Yeah. Can you open his room for us so we can put him to bed?”

“Sure. He’s in four-twelve. If you want to start down, I’ll be right behind you.” The blond ducked back into his room and was back before they’d gone more than five feet. In one hand, he held a card-key. In the other, his wastepaper basket. At Mo’s curious look, the blond shrugged and smiled. “In case he doesn’t make it to his room.”

Mo laughed. “Good thinking.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

They made it to the guy’s room without incident, and got him undressed and tucked into bed. The blond guy put the room’s wastebasket on the floor beside the head of the bed, then turned his empty one upside down and put on the floor by the bed. He pulled the guy’s leg out of the bed and rested the foot on top of the bucket.

“Helps with the spins if you’ve got a foot on something your body thinks is the floor. Might keep him from throwing up all over.”

“I never knew that.”

“You learn interesting things living in Bedlam.”

“Maybe someone should stay with him.”

“I’ll check on him on my rounds, and get the other RA to do the same. Hopefully his roommate isn’t in the same condition.”

“He looked a lot steadier when I left.”

“Good. One’s enough.”

They left, closing the door behind them. Mo held out his hand. “We’ve already kind of met, but I’m Mo.”
“I’m Kevin. Kev, actually.” He shook Mo’s hand. “I’m sorry, where did we meet?”

“You got me checked in here, the first day.”

“Oh, right, sorry. We see a lot of first years that first day. So, nice to meet you again.”

I’m suffering from a serious temptation to put the beer tree in.

Oh, why not? 😀

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