Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Later

Back to near the beginning of the story. I should be turning this in by the end of the month. I added another chapter today, so we’re at 22 now, and looking to finish out at something close to 72 or 73 K. Which, as anyone who knows me can tell you, probably means that the final manuscript will be closer to 80K.

Every time I touch these things, they get longer. (Go ahead and giggle. I did. 🙂 )

So, after the bite, before the ‘everything else’:

Trevor followed Zachary’s orders to the word. There were never any fewer than four people in the cabin with Levi, and he was never left alone, even in the bathroom. He was fed, often, and sent to bed whenever he showed an inclination to roam.

“Rest. You’ll need your strength,” they told him, over and over.

“I’m fine,” he’d growl. At first, they’d just laugh at him and manhandle him to wherever they wanted him. By noon the next day, the laughter had mostly stopped, and by late afternoon, they’d taken to shooting questioning glances at each other every time they redirected him.

By the way, probably the last one for this book. Gotta keep something for later, right? 😀

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