Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me Later

I need to be wary of this turning into a darling, but it was so unexpected and funny I wanted to share it.

Glyn smiled back at him and plotted a distraction. One more movie filled with explosions and random violence, and he was going to hotwire a car himself and go on a rampage—to the theatre. “Depends. Maybe I can interest you in something different?”

Levi slouched to bring his head on a level with Glyn’s and sipped at his beer. “What are you thinking of?”

Glyn raised his glass to his lips and contemplated the man sitting next to him. “Anything without car chases.”

“I like chasing cars.”

Delighted, Glyn sat up and put his wine safely out of harm’s way. “Fido, did you just make a joke?”

About the author: Kate Lowell

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