The Underground Erotica Anthology is on sale at Amazon!

Underground$1.99!! If you were feeling a little leery of trying out a mixed MF and MM anthology, this is a low-risk opportunity to give it a look. All the stories are well-written (if I do say so myself!) and you never know when you’ll find a new author reading one of these anthologies.

All proceeds are going toward the Absolute Write Water Cooler–a hangout for writers and other artists, to gossip, discuss ideas, and learn how to write the best story they can. I credit the Cooler with my own jump into publication and for keeping me from starting low and subbing to some publishers that later turned out to be a very bad deal.

So, go have a peek at the inside the book. I firmly believe you’ll find it’s worth the $2.

Click here to go to the Amazon page! Underground Erotica

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