Tuesday Tickle: Bite Me (Later)

Just a quick tickle tonight. I’m dead beat getting ready for another winter storm and the cat keeps trying to help me type. Now she’s sitting on the mouse.

Here’s a little bit from after Levi’s been changed. You can tell things kind of suck already:

Levi shook off the last shivers of his change back to human and stretched, feeling his muscles pop back into place with relief. He dug his clothes out of the hollow space under a fallen tree. It was a good place to keep them when he went running on his own, and a plastic bag kept the dirt off, so there wasn’t any evidence afterwards.

Pack politics got on his nerves. His solitary runs did more to settle him than the pack ones. He seemed to spend more time avoiding trouble than enjoying the woods and the freedom to jump and tear around amongst the trees when they all got together.

Clothes back on, he followed his own scent-trail back to the clearing where the pack was gathering. About half had already made the change, and were just waiting for Zachary to arrive and set them loose. Several of them looked up when he broke through the trees. A few actually moved away, putting some distance between them. Levi ignored it; no one likes to sit next to the kid that’s always in trouble, in case it rubs off. He found himself a spot near the edge of the clearing and sat down at the base of the tree to relax.

As usual, still pre editing. But the story’s getting there.

Now, time for bed. 🙂

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