Storm Day Pluses and Minuses

DSCN0299 This is what it looks like outside my house right now. We’re in the middle of a nor’easter, with tons of snow blowing around and wind sucking the heat out of the house as fast as I can put it in. Still, having to get up to feed the stove keeps me from calcifying in place.

On storm days, we all seem to hunker down and–I don’t know about you–but I can get all sorts of things done that don’t need to be done. To me, a storm day is a great day to glue myself to the computer and write. Almost never on what I’m supposed to be writing, but instead working on things where I’m trying to decide if they’re worth keeping on with, or adding words into something that’s so far in the future it doesn’t even show up on my schedule. It’s kind of like a day off, with writing.

That being said, because my brain takes a storm day as an excuse not to work on what it’s supposed to be focused on, this is going to put me behind. And I don’t care, because that’s the other half of the storm day mindset. 😀 Woohoo! Free day! Let us run wild and be merry.

But inside please. There’s no way I’m braving the weather today. Speaking of running wild and being merry, my friend Karenna Colcroft is over at Love Romances Café today for a chat. Why not pop over and visit? She’s giving things away…

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