Help Meeee! I'm meltiiiing!

I know. Those of you in the southern states are wondering why I’m complaining. Remember, I’m in Canada, where the summer days are long and the ice floes flow. Living close to water, summer is either cold enough for a jacket and a pair of pants (which is what we’ve been living through for the past 6 weeks–seriously, 55 degrees farenheit was warm here for a while) or hot and so muggy you can drown in the water in the air. We literally jumped from 44 degrees farenheit one day, to almost 90 the next. And that’s without taking humidity into account.

As we say around here, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.

However, my still-winter accustomed body is in shock and all the ice packs and popsicles in the world can’t convince it that everything is going to be all right.

All that added to the kind of low-grade burn from the whole “Vaginagate” issue. (No, I don’t remember who coined that, but I snarfed coffee when I read it, so Imma gonna use it.) I’m pretty easy going, for the most part, except–in typical Libran style–when I see someone being unfair. And like most Canadians, I tend to stop and think a bit before I jump into a fight, especially considering I’m still just a baby author.

But, yeah. I don’t think I can let this pass without a few words. Most everything’s already been said, I don’t have to rehash it. It cheeses me off to no end that a struggle and experience that is a part of many gay men’s lives–that of sleeping with a woman–is shrugged off as a betrayal of the audience. Or that writing about bisexual men is a betrayal of the audience. Or about men whose plumbing doesn’t match their identity (which kind of blows my mind. You tell me you’re a guy, you’re a guy. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your plumbing.)

It’s devaluing all the men who took a while to figure out their sexuality, or who aren’t far enough along the Kinsey scale to only want men all the time. And then she essentially accused authors of deliberating sending stuff to her that they knew she wouldn’t like. Because we’re all mean and childish like that and, of course, have so much time to think about being petty with reviewers. (rolls eyes)

I guess they aren’t going to like Phane, then. Because he’s had as many girls as boys. Which means that Imma gonna betray you all, ’cause I’m not changing him. I think he’s a lot of fun, just the way he is.

Hope you don’t mind.

Kitty, Benedict Author

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