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It’s finally here! The Sequel to Heloise West’s Hitting Black Ice!

HeloiseWest_SendLawyersGunsandRoses_coverlgOn Pre-order at Loose Id right now, but it releases tomorrow, so if you prefer to buy elsewhere, it’s not a long wait.

So, a quick recap: Hunter is a physician’s assistant in an emergency room, still recovering from the suicide of his ex-lover. He’s got a crush on a quiet, introverted young man who also works at the hospital. Like in so many big city ERs, violence is always hovering on the edge of happening, and after one such incident, Hunter and ‘Shawn’ find themselves indulging in some ‘we’re still alive!’ sex in the closet. Which kicks off a relationship that involves the FBI, secret identities, big time criminals, and a race for their lives.

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Roses picks up shortly after Hitting Black Ice, and tells the story of Hunter and Alex as they adjust to life as their real selves, and work through the pain in their pasts. They go on a romantic vacation together, but–true to all thrillers–excitement and danger just aren’t ready to leave them alone.


When Hunter and Alex (formerly Shawn) are given the vacation of a lifetime, it’s a chance for them to pay attention to romance and get out of the path of danger. The tiny Caribbean island of Saba is gorgeous, the first to have marriage equality, and the Sabans are the nicest people on earth.

There’s lots of rum poolside for relaxing and a room with a mirror on the ceiling for passion. Hot karaoke nights, cold beer, and new friends.

Their new friends Orfeo and Max, and Max’s sister Talisha, share a troubling secret. Alex and Hunter want to help. As a hurricane bears down on them, a dead body surfaces, and a purple backpack loaded with stolen jewels leads a pair of dangerous men to the island.

Alex would rather poke his own eyes out with a pointy stick than call on his old enemy Nick Truman for help; he’d also do anything to keep Hunter out of danger. But even his nemesis can’t reach them now.

Once again, they only have each other to depend on as their paradise is about to become hell on earth.

HeloiseWest_HittingBlackIce_coversmHitting Black Ice:
ER physician’s assistant Hunter guards his heart carefully, but that doesn’t stop him from falling for Shawn, the front desk clerk. He keeps his distance from relationships for a reason, but just can’t help himself when it comes to Shawn.

Shawn is on the run from the law and love to protect himself and anyone else involved. One man is dead because of him, and his life now is simple and easily thrown into a bag at any hint of danger. Until he meets Hunter, and he no longer wants to run.

Forced into a hostage situation, buried passion explodes in the aftermath, and sex in the supply closet brings their hearts back to life. Tentatively, step by step, they begin to explore a relationship together until the past catches up with Shawn.

FBI agent Nick Truman has finally found his man, but when Shawn escapes, he focuses his attention on Hunter. Shawn returns, even though it means sacrificing himself to save Hunter from the man who framed him for murder.

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About Heloise West:
Heloise West, when not hunched over the keyboard plotting love and mayhem, dreams about moving to a villa in Tuscany. She loves history, mysteries, and romance of all flavors. She travels and gardens with her partner of 10 years, and their home overflows with books, cats, art, and red wine.

Where to find Heloise:

Another Review of Flesh Market 4 stars from Joyfully Jay

“I think that when this series is all said and done, it has the makings for being something stellar – ”

Read the rest here


Human trafficking and organs for sale. An FBI agent and an inexperienced intern. Only days to save untold numbers of enslaved teenagers.

Flesh Market New Review 4.5 stars!

“I love this story. I loved Julian and Leo. They go through so much while they’re undercover. They make some tough decisions and my heart hurts for Julian and what happened to him. I so didn’t think they were going to make it through at times. Right at the end of the operation I thought Julian was done for sure!” –Molly Lolly

Read the whole thing here.

Flesh Market

Bodies and Souls 1

Human trafficking and organs for sale. An FBI agent and an inexperienced intern. Only days to save untold numbers of enslaved teenagers.

So, who won the Flesh Market giveaway?

It was a lady named Ran, who lives in the Phillipines. She asked for this book:

It’s a really good book. So, her copy of The FBI Career Guide is on it’s way to her. Because of where she lives, she probably won’t get it until the New Year, mail delivery being what it is. But it is on it’s way. 🙂

Congratulations, Ran, and happy reading!

The Flesh Market Giveaway Ends Tomorrow!

The Rafflecopter for it is on the top right of the website, or you can find it at any of the blogs on the tour. Read the guest post, check out the recommended read, and enter in the Rafflecopter. If you win, I’ll send you your choice of any of the books I used in researching the novel, or your second choice if the first one is no longer available (I think they’re all still out though.)


Blogs with guest posts are:
Kathy Mac Reviews
Jessie G. Books
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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
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If I missed any, let me know and I’ll add them to the list. I got into something I’m allergic to this morning and, while it’s not bad, I’m as dumb as a post right now. 🙂

Flesh Market is at #32 at ARe now!

Woohoo! You have no idea how much this means to me. I’m so excited. THANK YOU!!!

FM at 32

Still on sale, too, if you’re tempted. 😀 (I know, shilling again. 😛 )

Flesh Market

Bodies and Souls 1

Human trafficking and organs for sale. An FBI agent and an inexperienced intern. Only days to save untold numbers of enslaved teenagers.

I. Am. Speechless.

best one yet
I’ve never had a book get to this spot before. I’ve had them sneak into one the lower spots before, but I always thought that top one was reserved for people like LA Witt and Charlie Cochet and, well, Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade. All I can say is Thank You, and I hope you enjoy Julian and Leo’s story.

I think I need to go lie down.


All Romance Best Seller–Thank You!

OMG, I’m so excited about this. I wish I was all cool and “Oh, yeah, well…” but I can’t be. After two years of not really putting anything out, this one scared me more than my first one did. So thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!! To everyone who bought the book. Massive amounts of virtual hugs and kisses to you all. (Unless you’re not into that, in which case–CAKE!!! Lots and lots of virtual cake. 🙂 )

All romance best selling

New Reviews of Flesh Market

Bonkers About Books – 5 hearts!
The Blogger Girls – 4 stars

Saturday Blog Hop–Flesh Market #manlovesaturday

House of Manlove Blog Hop–click on the button to get to the main jumping off point.

And my contribution to this week’s blog hop, coming from Flesh Market, which goes on sale on Tuesday!. Leo’s deep undercover, and the bureau has snuck someone in to really check on them. And, to keep Julian from being sold to a customer. (Yes, Mauer will come back later. He’s too awesome not to. Some day, I’ll tell you the story of how he met his husband. And convinced his wife to let him keep him.

It’s complicated.)

DeGraff plucked the invitation from Leo’s hand and peered at it, rubbing the paper between his fingers. “Dowe, hmm? What did he say was keeping him busy?”

Mauer waved a hand in the air. “Some legal thing. I really didn’t pay attention to the details after he told me about the splendid parties you boys throw. And when he told me you’d obtained some previously untouched merchandise, well.” He leered and spread his hands. “I could hardly say no, now could I?” His accent was Boston snob with a hint of Louisiana redneck. “Now, if you’re uncertain, you can call Dowe, of course. Not that I think he’ll be able to answer. I believe he’s had to leave the country for a…sabbatical of sorts. Or”—he patted the middle of Leo’s chest—“you can have this delightful gentleman keep a very close eye on me for the duration.” He winked at Leo. “You didn’t think I remembered you, did you, Dale darling? How could I forget a man who refuses to come work for me?”

Leo frowned at him. What the hell was Mauer playing at? Damn the lack of communication in this operation. He was still trying to get his mind around the change in Mauer’s appearance. The man he’d worked with had been tough, one step above thug on the evolutionary scale. He could have joined any gang in any big city in the U.S. and not been looked at twice. Leo wondered what it had taken to get him to put on this character.

Because where Mauer himself was the antithesis of flaming, this character could set a house on fire just by walking past it.

Mauer watched him expectantly, humor warring with tension in his face.

Fuck it. Go with the flow. “You still have Meshkova working for you?”

Mauer’s smile widened. “He’s down in the car. Don’t tell me you two are still at war?” He turned a conspiratorial grin on DeGraff. “Dale here tried to arrest Henry once upon a time, when he was on the other side of the fence. And he’s such a stubborn man that he just can’t forgive Henry for refusing to let Dale put cuffs on him.” He threw a sly look Leo’s way. “I’d let you cuff me. Under the right circumstances.”