#RainbowSnippets: Rise of Alpha Squirrel

fake book 1 copy A few lines from the Shifting Times review of Your New Life as a New Adult, by Finnley Lakewood, Ph.D., and Gardenner Monk, Ph.D.

Lakewood and Monk are back with another of their cutting edge parenting books. In Your New Life as a New Adult, they touch on all the most worrisome of topics when your offspring gets to that age where they suddenly become invincible. From researching their preferred destination, to determining whether or not to look for a roommate, to how to deal with the idiosyncrasies of living with a species other than your own, they cover it all. Not content with exploring the most obvious topics, they delve deeper into the specifics of day-to-day life in the human world, and uncover a host of situations that the average were would never dream would happen. Territoriality, scent-marking, and the risks of romance are all covered in an intelligent and easy to understand language. The entire book emphasizes safety and preparedness, filled with real-life stories from young weres who have stumbled into those very situations…

Follow along in the tour to read all the excerpts, and see if you can figure out which of your neighbours are not actually human. 😀

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Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

Nutty Romances 2

Nathan's met Vince's family, but Vince hasn't met Nathan's, and Nathan would like to keep it that way. Holy smoked almonds, what else do you do when you know how completely nuts your relatives are?

Why, you ease your man into it, by introducing him to normal shifters. Assuming you can find any.

But with a gossipy werehummingbird spreading the news, and a pair of young red pandas wreaking havoc with their fainting goat friends, Nathan’s about ready to climb into a pine cone and pull it in after him.

Then the local playboy weremoose hears about Vince, and Nathan has to find his inner alpha or the consequences will be worse than moldy hazelnuts.

12 responses to “#RainbowSnippets: Rise of Alpha Squirrel

  1. I love that you’ve developed accessories to your world!

    • Lol, the joke was on me. I set this up expecting to have to write maybe 10 excerpts. It ended up taking three days to get them all done. #whatwasIthinking

  2. Love this! Especially “holy smoked almonds”. 🙂

  3. I don’t really do shifters, but this made me laugh…

  4. *grins* This is great fun. I love in-world reference books and this sounds like a very useful one, given some of the weres we’ve seen in your earlier extracts XD

    • I’m not sure how good they are at following instructions. I can’t wait for people’s reactions when the authors’ bios come out. Those were fun to write. 🙂

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