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Who takes their claustrophobic boyfriend spelunking for his birthday?

Henry can’t say no to Jaime. So, despite his misgivings, he lets Jaime lead him into the bowels of the earth for a surprise. In the intimate dark, he discovers that his love for Jaime is stronger than his fear of imminent death at the hands of Mother Nature.

And Jaime has an ulterior motive that will make all the hyperventilating worth it.

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200So ridiculously excited about this. I feel like a big girl author now, with my own self-pub stuff and all. Lol. It’s also going to be in Kindle Unlimited, because that’s what you do with shorts, right? I’m curious to see how it does.  With Unlimited being so fluid, it’s hard to predict what might happen. Fingers crossed it goes over well. 🙂

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