It was a good week :)

We were stormed in for the better part of a week. Being your typical introverted author, I loved it. 🙂 A whole week where I didn’t need to go out and wear myself to bit talking to people. A week away from the day job and the crap that’s going on there. And, best of all, a week to see if I’d truly lost it, or if all my creative mojo was being sucked out by the dayjob.

The verdict?

The dayjob sucks, in every way you can imagine.

Here’s my wordcounts for the past couple of days.
February 2015

This is closer to my normal daily wordcount. The last value was taken about four hours ago, so it’s changed some too. But it’s nice to look at it and think that I am one day away from clearing my February word commitment, and maybe catching up on a disastrous January.

I wish I thought that I could keep this up after the storms have passed, but it’s not likely. Still, it’s promising, or a promise perhaps. I know now that, once things slacken off, I’ll be able to write at something better than a hundred words a day, or less. It’s reassuring, because I was coming to the conclusion that I’d already had my run, and I was going to be one of those ‘one-hit wonders’ no one ever wants to be. But no, it’s not a lack of whatever it is that creates more-than-one hit wonders, but a lack of time and the emotional energy you need in order to write a good story.

This too shall pass. But summer is coming and, with it, the promise of longer days, less shoveling, and more time to devote to my characters. And the end of this sucky dayjob.

All hail spring!

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