Late Night Art

Because, holy crap! If that’s not a plot bunny, I don’t know what is.

Don’t I have lovely bunnies? Sigh.

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  1. I wanna know the plot that this bunny takes you on!

  2. He’s currently squabbling about where he stand in line. He can’t beat out the Christmas stories or the rockstar, but he gets a mean look in his eye when he sees my courtesan. I think it’s gonna get ugly real soon. 🙂

    On a more serious note, I’m thinking a fantasy setting, something derived from Algonquin tribal history but with a twist. Maybe some paranormal? Oh, dear…

  3. Forest spirit, definitely. Lots of cheeky (or cheesy?) jokes about wood come to mind.

  4. Oh, dear God, don’t encourage my warped sense of humour…

    Too late. 😛 Darn, and I thought this one might be a serious one. Guess that’s not my style after all.

    Some day, I will be a serious writer. I will. I mean it. It’s on my bucket list.

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