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Alpha Squirrel Blog Tour–Day 2

Don’t forget to check out excerpts today from the Best-Selling book Your New Life as a New Adult. Found at these wonderful blogs:
Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
Wake Up Your Wild Side
Inked Rainbow Reads
Kathy Mac Reviews

And your very own Charlie is waiting to fly home with you. (Just don’t make fun of his singing voice–he’s got a temper.)

Rise of the Alpha Squirrel

Nutty Romances 2

Nathan's met Vince's family, but Vince hasn't met Nathan's, and Nathan would like to keep it that way. Holy smoked almonds, what else do you do when you know how completely nuts your relatives are?

Why, you ease your man into it, by introducing him to normal shifters. Assuming you can find any.

But with a gossipy werehummingbird spreading the news, and a pair of young red pandas wreaking havoc with their fainting goat friends, Nathan’s about ready to climb into a pine cone and pull it in after him.

Then the local playboy weremoose hears about Vince, and Nathan has to find his inner alpha or the consequences will be worse than moldy hazelnuts.