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Happy New Year! What are your plans?

2015 saw me finally get back into my writing stride–sort of. When I look back at my spreadsheet, I see lots of months with daily average wordcounts below 500. When I look into the months, there are far too many days where I wrote nothing. But still, somehow, I made my wordcount goal–185,000 words. Not a huge amount, given that there are many people out there who regularly get over 500,000, or even a million, but it was a good goal for me. The same number of words I wrote in the last year before my husband passed away and life kind of went off the rails.

So not bad. 🙂

This year, I’m going to bump that up a little bit. Not much, just to 215,000, but the goal is to set the bar just a little farther than I know I can reach. My actual wordcount for 2015 was 202,000, so the new goal seems reasonable. I’m also going to plot a lot more. I think I’m getting the hang of it, although I’m still a total amateur, but it worked really well for Flesh Market, and seems to be working for Worship the Moon.

My specific bookwriting plans for this year are to finish Moon and Alpha Squirrel, which have already been started. Then I need to start from scratch with Proud Flesh (Bodies and Souls 2) and The Wall Nuts (Nutty Romances 3). Once those are done, there’s the third Bodies and Souls, and a third Witches and Wolves, neither of which have permanent names yet, though B&S 3 is going under the project name Weregild. And somewhere in there, I want to finish off the second world fantasy The Emperor’s Favorite, and lay out the plot for a goofy Halloween story about a guy who inherits a rundown German castle from a dead friend, who then shows up with all his ghost buddies. Hijinks ensue. 🙂

As for immediate stuff? The Seven Days of Squirrel start tomorrow, wherein I shall bombard you with pictures and memes of squirrels doing weird things that make me laugh, in honor of Nathan’s and Vince’s re-release into the wild on Thursday.

So that’s it for me. What do you plan to do differently this year? Where are you going to stretch or redirect yourself? What personal bests are you going to leave behind in the dust?

It’s getting late here now and I can hear my pillow calling to me. Good night, sweet dreams, and I wish you a squirrely New Year.

Two weeks and counting…

No, I don’t have a release. 🙁 I think you all would have been sick of me by now if I had. I’m in agonies of anticipation just thinking about the possibility. But it’s not yet. Trust me, you’ll know when the day comes. I’ll probably explode. Like this Exploding Kitten.
(I bought this when they had the Kickstarter. It should arrive this summer. There will be much exploding. 😀 )

Two weeks is how long my current contract at the day job has left before it’s over. And it can’t come soon enough. Even my boss is like, “Only two weeks left. Bet you can’t wait!” He knows how tired we are, after a complete reorganization and major changes to how our jobs are done. He looks pretty shot too. I imagine he’s speaking for himself too.

I have about a zillion plans for the first month after work is done. Finish the fireman story, finish the Christmas story, finish the Double Lives story (when is that due, anyway? I guess I better check). Clean the house, clean the barn, work on the house. I enrolled in the last course in my French program, so I’ll be graduating from that next year–no way I’ll be done in time to catch this year’s graduation. I need to finish my late husband’s taxes (I know, I know, I’m bad… 🙁 ) And, in any spare time, I want to do a lot of rethinking how I can do my job, see what changes I can put in myself to make it a bit easier on me. I’ve already decided not to go back to the evening job, and while there’s a certain amount of sadness, there’s also a huge amount of relief.

So here I am, on a Friday night, debating what to work on, when I realize it’s 9 pm and I’ve already turned into a pumpkin. I might manage an episode of Gray’s (NO SPOILERS!), but if I watch it downstairs on the couch, I’d put money on my being asleep before the halfway point.

Two more weeks…two more weeks…

In the meantime, what do you think of this fireman? 😀