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3 x 3 WIP and Tag, You’re It!

I’m going to tag @Ann-Katrin Byrde and @Amelia Faulkner for this. The idea is to post the first three lines from the first three chapters of your current work in progress. Since dayjob is done for a bit, I’ll finally have the time and the spoons to work on The Wall Nuts, so I guess that makes it my WIP. 🙂

Chapter 1: Happy Beginnings

Nathan lay on Vince’s bed in absolute bliss, while his incredibly good-looking, fantastically wonderful boyfriend massaged his way from Nathan’s shoulders to the small of his back. With firm, loving strokes, Vince chased down every last ounce of tension in Nathan’s body and left him cheeping sleepily against the soft cotton.
Best present ever.

Chapter 2: A Bird in the Kitchen

Nathan decided to make a run by the kitchen before he jumped in the shower, just to see if could put the brakes on Charlie. Charlie didn’t actually eat a whole lot—there was only so much you could fit into that tiny frame of his at one time—but he had a typical hummingbird’s addiction to sweets and a tendency to get…feisty while on a sugar high. Plus, if he ate enough, there was also the problem of that little allergy of his.

Chapter 3: Road Trip of Your Nightmares

Two hours into the four hour drive, Charlie wedged himself through the gap between the front seats. “Are we there yet?”
Nathan rolled his eyes and pushed Charlie back into the back seat. “Put your seat belt on. And we’re five minutes closer than we were the last time you asked.”