Coming Soon (or Sometime…)

Worship the Moon: Connor wants to be a werewolf. Specifically, Glyn’s werewolf. He’ll take Levi, too, if he can get him. But Glyn is hard to get and Levi both frightens and arouses Connor by turns. He can tell there’s something going on that he doesn’t know about, but what is it? A man could give up, at this rate, if it wasn’t for the occasional hungry look he spotted on Glyn’s face. Or is that just the wolf peeking out?

Lead Me to the Altar: Jaime’s proposed, and now it’s time to walk down the aisle. But a new customer at the garage, the handsome owner of the kind of muscle car Jaime loves to play with, makes Henry question why Jaime wants him. And when Jaime starts spending too much time with his new friend, the tension rises, culminating in an explosive argument the eve of the big day.

Glory: A genderfluid angel whose smart mouth and independent attitude have gotten him into trouble more often than he can remember is sent to Earth to right a wrong and expose a hidden agenda. And if smoothing the path of two would-be lovers happens along the way, who is he to complain?

Proud Flesh: It’s been two years since Leo and Julian brought down the human trafficking ring, only to find there was more to this business than they’d originally suspected. Julian is in Kansas City getting experience in day-to-day investigation, and Leo is still working on tracking down the rest of the traffickers. A phone call from the Detroit police sends them both rocketing into a two-steps-forward, one-step-back investigation that tangles Julian’s old roommate Dave up with one of the victims and leaves Julian teetering on the edge of losing everything he’s worked his entire life for.

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  1. d perez - March 2, 2016 Reply

    I love the alpha squirrel series!its cute,funny and fascinating!when is the next one,huh?huh?huh?

    • Kate Lowell - March 2, 2016 Reply

      Probably this summer, or late spring. I don’t want to rush it, because that doesn’t make a good story, and I think Nathan and Vince (and Charlie!) deserve a good story. It’s about 15% done now, I’m just sketching out the scenes in the second half. 🙂 (Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll hear right away when I’ve got a release date. That’s probably the most reliable way to stay informed.)

  2. Margie Jones - March 16, 2016 Reply

    I was wondering about the book The Wall Nuts. I love Nathan and Vince so I was hoping to find out when this book will be out.

    • Kate Lowell - March 16, 2016 Reply

      Probably late May. I owe something in to my editor at Loose Id, but I work on The Wall Nuts every couple days. Mostly, it’s about the way my mind works, and how my subconscious is a better writer than I am. So it’s stewing right now, but when I start to write it, which I’m guessing will be in about a month, it will likely go very quickly. Then it’s just a couple of weeks going back and forth with the editor, and Boom! An ereader full of fart squirrels, bullying raccoons, and crazy ol’ grandpa and his slingshot. Plus Nathan being adorable, and Vince being, well…Vince. (He gets to be the hero in this one, by the way. 🙂 ) I wish I could give you a firmer date, but rest assured, as soon as I get dug in, I’ll be trumpeting it from the rooftops. You’ll be tired of hearing from me at the end. 😀

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