Random Weirdness

Bill Geist and Mommy Porn

Okay, this made my day. You have to watch him–he’s hilarious! But when he starts asking about putting ordinary guys on the covers of these books, watch the male model–what an expression! http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50143476n Sorry I can’t embed the thing–if it was Youtube, apparently this would be no problem. I can see the light at...

What's the fuss about violent video games?

Hubs and I were chatting this morning about that shooter video game that has people in Vancouver all worked up because someone made an uploadable map for it that is an exact replica of a school in that city. And it got us talking about why people think that violent video games are a...

The Old Pony, Up to his Jedi Mind Tricks

Every morning and afternoon, you can look out my kitchen window and see this: He’s apparently using some sort of Jedi mind force, to encourage the waitress to get her butt in gear and bring breakfast or supper. Nice try, young padawan. Unfortunately, the Force is no match for the Laziness.