I have to fix my snowflakes

In so many ways, lol. I usually have snowflakes in the winter on my site, but I forgot about them until the other day. Now it looks like my Christmas lights are working, but I’m going to have to dig a little deeper into the backend of the site to figure out why the snowflakes aren’t showing.

So, NaNo was a success, in that I wrote 50,000 words. Sadly, they weren’t all in Proud Flesh. I’d thought, this one being slightly lighter in tone (once you get past the beginning) than the first one, I wouldn’t have the same reaction while writing it as I did while working on Flesh Market. Boy, was I wrong.  At least this time, I caught it before I got to the point I did with Flesh Market, which was a level of anxiety and depression I hadn’t experienced in a long time. So I backed out of Proud Flesh and wrote in something else for the rest of NaNo. But, Proud Flesh is 55,000 words in, and I think better than Flesh Market was. I like Dave, though he’s probably not thinking the same about me. #sorryDave is my new motto. I’ll admit it, my writer style in this series appears to be Total Jerk.


I’m trying to reorganize my schedule so that I write at least 2000 words a day in something, and 3000 words on each of the weekend days. That way I can take a day each week that isn’t focused on writing and work on other things. Like finishing the edit on Knight, which I had tentatively slated to go to the editor over Christmas, but have been sorely neglecting. So, tomorrow being my first No-Writing-Monday, I’m going to open that one up again and try not to feel guilty about the lack of new words being added to anything. I also have a fairly labor-intensive beta I’m working on, and my usual contingent of critique group work to do. I sure won’t be a Netflix and chill night. 🙂

It’s also going to snow here tomorrow, so more snowflakes and I have to hope to get out of the driveway in the morning. I do have snow tires now, which I didn’t have for the last storm, so that’s one step forward.

Man, is it really December 11? And would anyone kill me if I said I couldn’t wait until December 23? (’cause I’m off for a week and a half from the day job after that?) But I’m really looking forward to some time where my brain isn’t divided between two entirely different jobs, and hoping that some day I can give one up (bet you can’t guess which one) to work full time at the other.

Oh, if you were looking for Christmas Goes Analog, my rights have reverted on it and I’ll be revamping it and republishing it, but probably not in time for Christmas, since my cover artist is booked up until after. But I’ll be working on the next one in that series as well. So many stories crammed into my brain…

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