50% Off at All Romance Ebooks! (and an update)

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I’ve been struggling to find time to write this year, and when I do find the time, it seems like I’m so out of practice, nothing happens. I’m one of those people that thrives on routine, as much as that annoys me. I’d like to be able to just pick up and write no matter what’s going on around me, but I don’t have that capacity.

That being said, I’ve been in the new job for almost four months now and I’m starting to feel less tired out from it, less stressed, less taken over. I can’t say I like it the way I do the writing, but it’s stable and comes with health and pension benefits, which the writing has none of. 😛 It’s allowed me to replace the septic system I’ve been worried about, and the roof that’s been leaking occasionally, and to do something about at least a few of the drafts in my daughter’s bedroom.

And now that the craziness of house repairs and new job have died down, I’m coming back to the keyboard. I’ve even signed up for NaNo (WTH was I thinking?). I’m going to try to work on Proud Flesh, since I’m still blergy enough that I don’t have the energy to write romantic comedy(I am most definitely allergic to something in that building)–sorry to everyone who’s waiting to hear the results of taking both Charlie and Vince to Nathan’s old neighborhood. I’m taking a week and a half over Christmas–you can be guaranteed that, after a couple of days of napping, I’ll be right back to Nathan’s nuttiness.

I uploaded the first chapter of Proud Flesh to my critique group today, and now I have to write like the wind to keep ahead of them. I hope, if I can stick to the NaNo schedule, I’ll have it near finished by the end of November, and it’ll be in the editor’s hands by Christmas. To make it more fun, I’m ‘gaming’ with Ana J Phoenix, who turned me on to this website: 4thewords.com , where you write to battle monsters and do quests. It’s silly, and probably the most words I’ve written in one session in a while.

So that’s the deal. I make no guarantees, but I’m going to do my darndest. 🙂

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  1. Carolee Croft - December 9, 2016 Reply

    Hi Kate,
    I’m glad you’re getting back into the writing groove. I’ve really enjoyed the two Nutty romances and I’m looking forward to more. I’m working on a cute shifter romance, though it’s M/F, but I was really inspired by your squirrel stories.

    • Kate Lowell - December 9, 2016 Reply

      Haha, thank you Carolee! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Since you’re working on one yourself, I bet you understand when I say that romcoms are way harder than anything else I’ve written. I’m looking forward to getting back to them too, now that life is starting to take a chill pill. All I have to do is make it through the holidays…

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