Rainbow Snippets: Fireworks

Fireworks follows hard on the heels of Have Yourself a Merry Little Sexmas. One more step forward in the relationship between our cheerful stripper and our awkward accountant. 🙂 Once Snowzilla blows itself out, the boys have to figure out how to negotiate a relationship in the real world.


This is a free short that releases on December 30. However, if you want to enjoy some light, silly, stripper-accountant romance, Sexmas can be picked up at

(Pssst! If you go to Loose Id, it’s on sale for 30% off today ($2.79), but it’s only for December 26, and only at the Loose Id website.)


Thilo cleared his throat. “I have a proposition for you.”

Carter was pretty sure that Thilo hadn’t meant it that way–that is, the way Carter intended to take it–but he couldn’t pass up a chance to tease his slightly socially awkward—his train of thought stuttered to a stop. He’d been going to say boyfriend. Was Thilo his boyfriend? They really hadn’t talked about that, had they? Add that to the list of things to address after the holidays. In the meantime… “Well, I don’t normally accept propositions from any random man, but for you, cutie, I could make an exception.”

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6 responses to “Rainbow Snippets: Fireworks

  1. I’m intrigued.

  2. Haha, it’s just a cute piece of fluff, but thank you. My editor has decided she wants stories about the other strippers now too.

  3. This is fun! And as an accountant myself, I always like to read about accountants letting – or being made to let – their hair down LOL.

  4. Cute snippet. I love the way his mind pulled up short of thinking the word “boyfriend.”

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