The Most Awesome Science Scholarship Ever

I’m a science geek. I have two degrees, and have worked in some sort of science field for all my career. And this. THIS.

This is awesome.

The Science Ambassador Scholarship.

It’s so amazingly cool. A full tuition scholarship for four years, for women, just for being the person the most excited about the science you’re learning. And it’s funded by a Science Expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. (The whooshing noise you hear is the sound of my money zooming out of my wallet.) That may just be cooler than Steven Hawking.



It’s open to trans women.

*flails around giddily*

So, if you’re in the States, and you’re into science, and you identify as female, no matter what your outside bits look like, get yourself a video camera, or just a phone, and get your science on!

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