Tuesday Tickle: Flesh Market’s Temporary Cover

I’m entering Flesh Market in Scorching Reviews Sex Scene Championship in August. I wasn’t going to originally, because it hasn’t even been accepted anywhere yet, but she needed another entry, so I thought–why not? But it doesn’t have a cover, or a release date, or anything yet, so I had to come up with something of my own to add a little visual appeal.

_E2A0783 - copiaI purchased this image from Strangeland Photography, cropped it down and did some minimal futzing around with Photoshop, because it’s been about 10 years and I look like Granny trying to do hiphop with her walker when I get working in it. (Can I just say I would like to take Victor home with me? He’s the one bent over backward. Go check out his portfolio at Strangeland.) (And now I feel like total cougar.)

Here’s what the final product looks like, and the working blurb for the story.

[btbe_display books=”4″ type=”single”]

Flesh Market is the first of three stories about a human trafficking ring and the Red Market. I have about a third of the second story mapped out, and it will be much less of a thriller than the first one. Then the third one steps firmly back into thriller territory.

So, come August 8 and 9, I’ll be pestering everyone to come vote. Not just for my sex scenes, but for all the MM sex scenes. We’re seriously outnumberbered (less than 10 in almost 100 entries), and we need all the support we can get. 🙂

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