And I've just hit that point…

You know, the one where the whole story is crap and you just want to trunk it and start something new that will be better and easier and will make people like you?

Yeah, that point. Which means I’m about a third of the way in. Cool.

I think my subconscious suspects missing bits (like, maybe the entire middle of the story, subconscious? could that be it?). No, it’s probably that I’m still so tied up in getting the structure down that I haven’t adequately set up some of the situations and assumptions in this story. The stress comes from knowing that I’ve already started pimping this to the crit group, so I have to get most of it in on the first/second/third runaround with the text. And my subconscious is a slow writer.

Back to the trenches. I have to go horrify my FBI agent and give him nightmares.

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