The Most Glorious Friday Ever

The dayjob is done!  And, for a few wonderful moments, I contemplated all the free time I was going to have.

Until I remembered all the stories I owe to various places. *waves a sad goodbye to wasting time on the internet*

But cool that I now have all sorts of time to spend on writing. But maybe not tonight. Soooo tired…

We’ll see if this coffee kicks in. Lately, I’ve been finding that coffee doesn’t have the effect it used to have. Probably from downing anywhere between 6 and 8 cups a day just trying to stay vertical. (Oh my poor liver!) Time to wean myself off. Do they have a methadone equivalent for coffee?

I think tonight I might have a long bath and read the rest of James Scott Bell’s Super Structure. Sure, he poked my red button by saying that pantsers were lazy, but other people have spoken highly of it, so I’ll give it a whirl.  And maybe I’ll clean up the disaster zone my office has become. Once it’s clean, you guys can see the new computer. But not until then. Because I really don’t want the world seeing the depths of slobbery I can descend to.

So, I have until August first to finish the FBI story. September first for the Christmas story. I should finish the weresquirrel soon. The fireman I will pick at, because it’s related to something else that is in revisions right now. Culture Shift is a ‘pick at’ story, and I should really get back to Furface, because I think I need to figure out some of that before I can finish tweaking the prequel in that series. And, at some point, I want to start working on Garnet’s story. Who’s Garnet, you ask? She’s a very special, lovely lady, whom I hope someday you will have the opportunity to root for. 🙂

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