I Wanted to be Warm, but Not THAT Warm

In the midst of our n-fucking-teenth winter storm that has everyone trapped in their houses because the roads aren’t safe, my *&#%@!(* flue caught fire. Or so I thought.

Some very nice volunteer firefighters showed up in the midst of this snowbomb to check the flue and make sure I wasn’t going to lose the house. Turns out it was some creosote that had fallen into the pot at the bottom of the flue, but it was burning. And before I found this out, I had moved all three cats, the hamster, the kid, both our purses, and my laptop out to the car, and was trying to figure out how to get the fish out.

Wednesday night, our neighbour up the hill did lose his house to a flue fire, because the fire department couldn’t get there in time in the middle of another f-ing snowstorm.

I’m done. That’s it. No more winter. Fuck you, Old Man. It’s on now.

About the author: Kate Lowell

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