Tuesday Tickle: Kev 'n Mo

I seriously think that Todd needs his own book.

A cute guy with red hair and freckles brushed against him on his way to the bar, and Mo found himself turning to watch.

Todd squeezed his arm. “Does he have a cute ass? I like a nice ass.”

Mo gaped at him for a moment—he knew Todd was interested in girls; it had never occurred to him that Todd might be bi.

Todd grinned, his eyes still locked off in the distance. “You’re looking at me funny, aren’t you? I can tell. What can I say? I’m an ass man.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“It don’t think the subject ever came up. Don’t worry, I already decided that it was a bad idea to put the moves on my roommate, no matter how delicious an ass he had, so you’re safe.” Todd nodded his head. “But, I depend on you to alert me to any cute ones in the neighborhood.”

“You don’t care if he’s ugly, so long as the ass is cute?”

Todd gestured at his eyes. “It’s not like I need to keep a stock of paper bags around, is it? Being blind has its advantages. Just make sure the equipment is fine, and we’re good.”

“So, I’m your pimp now.”

“Naw, just my eyes. I’ll take care of the rest of it.”

About the author: Kate Lowell

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