Tuesday Tickle: Kev 'n Mo

I’ve ported this story into Scrivener and I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. (After I finish the squirrel…) Of course, once I started the copying and pasting, I had to play with it a little, and then I wanted to share a little with you…

I love Mo. 🙂

“Here goes nothing.” Mo found a parking spot as close as he could get, and made the trek into the building, looking for the foyer and the fabled residence assistants. Someone pointed him at a set of stairs, and soon he found himself in a large room with a white tiled floor, white walls, and a couple of dark blue couches that looked in pretty good shape.

A row of cheap folding tables stretched across the room, five young men and three young women in bright blue t-shirts seated behind it. The tables were covered with stacks of paper, and students and their parents were lined up in front of each of them, waiting their turn to check in with varying degrees of patience.

Mo joined a line in front of one of the guys, a slim blond with an open, friendly face. While he waited, Mo played a ‘guess the major’ with himself. The blond looked like an English-type guy. The sandy-haired girl beside him was probably an Art History major—she had that nose in a book look to her. The guy next to her was dark and good-looking—probably Business. Or maybe…did Thorbourne have a Theatre program? He’d make a great ‘good cop’. Or ‘bad cop’.

Yummy cop.

The next guy was definitely there on a sports scholarship.

Ho hum. He didn’t do well standing in line; he like to be doing things. At least they were moving pretty quickly—now only two people stood between him and whatever it was he needed to do to find his room and get his stuff unpacked.

One person ahead of him now. Mo could see the other people sitting at the table. Lumberjack guy, science guy, computer geek guy, computer geek girl, library dude. There, that was everyone sorted and labeled.

Fuck, he must be tired. He was channeling his mother.

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