Dirty Bird Hiatus

Christmas season is upon us, the US just had Thanksgiving (and all the attendant family obligations), and I’m still drowning in dayjob. So, the Dirty Birds are taking a short break and will be back soon. Before Christmas, but we all need a bit of breathing space right now.

In the meantime, I received a coupon for half-off Scrivener, which I promptly put to use. 😀 I’m going to try to carve out a bit of time to see how it compares to Liquid Story Binder and report back here.

This is all assuming Boo will let me work. He’s discovered the delight of sitting on me, on my desk, and on my keyboard. Maybe I need to write a story about a werecat. I wonder if he would be embarrassed? Or smug?

Oh, and yes, I’ve officially un-won NaNo. It was a long shot from the start, but I’m glad I tried it. I will definitely sign up again next year, when hopefully things aren’t so insane. And I’m looking forward to finishing Kev ‘n Mo, and that enthusiasm is fun to feel again. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll try an un-NaNo of my own later on, after February, when I have reason to believe that things will have slowed down a bit.

I need to find a lucky dance to do. I just hope it’s not the same as the storm day dance–there’s nothing worse than a picking-up-speed lady dancing naked in front of the toilet holding a soup ladle. No one needs that image in their head. (I got this from someone who regularly caused storm days, she said it was by doing exactly that.) So if you have a good lucky dance that won’t make everyone reach for the brain-bleach, send it along!

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